Mountain Paintings : Himalaya

Strahan, Col. G. (R.E.) [? - 1916]

Himalayan view,  Kashmir. c1905 watercolour.  69 x 47 cms.

 Mountain Paintings of the Himalaya For Sale

Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Nanga Parbat, Nanda Devi and Kashmir  

Himalayan view,  Kashmir. Kangchenjunga from Sandakoho Himalayan View

Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling. c1865 watercolour on brown paper. not signed, by provenance descent from the family. 46 x 68 cms.

watercolour painting Nanga Parbat - Nungu Purbut

Lake Srinigar, Cashmir 1865 watercolour insc. by the artist - 'opposite our house at Srinigar. Sketched the morning Rosie was born 22 Sept. 1885. in margin '???? Cashmir near where we lived Summer 1865' 36 x 41.4 cms.

Kangchenjunga mountain paintings and the Himalaya mountain paintings art Lake Srinigar, Kashmir

Watercolour paintings by Biddulph, Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Anthony Shrapnel R.A. [1823-1904]

Nanga Parbat, Rupal Face of,

1875 watercolour signed M.A. Biddulph lower left

with title and date 20 Sep. 75 lower right 51 x 35  cms.

Nungu Purbut c1875 watercolour title in pencil in margin. by descent from the family. 37.5 x 54 cms.


Kangchenjunga. Morning and Evening.  c1900?

a pair of watercolours heightened with white bodycolour. monogram CAM bottom left. 16 x 23 cms.

Kangchenjunga Himalayan View

McCormick, Arthur David. [1860 - 1943] A view of Himalayan mountains  and glacier. 1896 watercolour en grisaille. signed with initials and date bottom left.  From his trip with William Martin Conway. 36 x 47 cms

English School 19th. cent.  Trisool 23,500 feet and Nanda Devi from Peorah Dak Bungalow nr. Almorah. 1874 watercolour. title and date bottom left. 24 x 32.5 cms.

Coryton, Madeleine. [French] Mount Kingchinjunga from Lebong, Darjeeling. 1896 oil on canvas. signed and dated bottom left. label on verso with original provenance.  50 x 76 cms.

Rowe, Lincoln. Kanchenjunga, Yalung Face. 1995 pastel.  41 x 62 cms.

Strahan, Col. G. (R.E.) [? - 1916]  Kralyar, Dhal Lake. Srinigar, Kashmir. c1900 watercolour. signed with title on label. 24 x 34 cms.

Condon, Brig.-Gen. William E.H. [1886-?] Morning Light on Nanga Parbat. (probably from Kitardaji)1917 watercolour heightened with white bodycolour. signed W.E.H.C. l.r. and dated [19]' 17. 36 x 53 cms.

279 Burton, Benjamin. Nanga Parbat.  watercolour.  24 x 31.5 cms.

Himalayan mountains Trisul Nanda Devi Srinigar, Kashmir Kangchenjunga

Rowe, Lincoln. Everest (West Ridge from the North). 1988 pastel. signed & dated 73 x 53 cms.

Nanga Parbat

Cane, Alice M.  Kangchenjunga from Sandakoho 1944 watercolour.  35 x 25 cms.

Pilkington (later Phelps m.1903 ), Millicent Douglas. 1872 - ?   [fl.1890-1921] Srinagar. 1908 watercolour. title, date and monogram M.D.P. bottom right.  21.5 x 46 cms.


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1388 Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979] Darjeeling Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling. c1950? oil on canvas on board. artist initials b.r. in red 30 x 41 cms. composition gilt frame. [36 x 46]

1384 Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979] Darjeeling Sunset on Kangchanjunga (from Darjeeling). c1950? oil on canvas. signed with initials b.l. in red 51 x 76 cms. gilt plain frame [53 x 78]

1356 not signed  Kangchenjunga from Sandakphu. c1880? oil on canvas.  36 x 92 cms. framed [47 x 104]

1352 Ang Temba Sherpa. Thanka style of Khumjung, Namche, Kumbu ?? in Summer c1980? watercolour. signed b.r. from the collection of George Band. 55 x 63 cms. framed and glazed. [89 x 92]

1274 Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Lhotse, Everest and Makalu from Singalila, Sandakphu. 1943 watercolour and gouache over pencil, on his usual 'K shoes' brown paper. signed with date twice, lower left. 29 x 36 cms.

1266 Dixon, Elsie M. [1894–1972] (R.I.) exhibited at Alpine Club  Mount Everest and North Peak.  watercolour.  53 x 38 cms. Framed.

1237 Hulbert, J(immy). A. Sunset on Kangchanjunga (from Senjal, Darjeeling). 1950's watercolour heightened with white bodycolour. signed with initials b.r. label on verso with address 20 Ajit Mansions, Darjeeling. 18 x 26 cms.  

1220 ????  not signed View of the Himalaya       

1213 Rada, H. (Indian ?) Machhapuchhare. The Fish's Tail. c1940? oil on board. signed b.r. 60 x 50 cms. original frame. [74 x 64]

1197 EW monogram. early British? Mount Everest from Sendukfoo. (Sandakphu) c1870? A very early painting  oil on canvas. had FW? monogram l.r. with title label verso. 16 x 18 cms. gilt composition frame

1157 Molyneux, Edward Mary Joseph [1866-1913] Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling  1889 oil on canvas. signed E. Molyneux Lt. 3rd Dragoon Guards 1889 l.r. 35.5 x 51 cms. not framed

1155 Condon, Brig.-Gen. William E.H. [1886-?] Jammu Kashmir Mountains 1923 watercolour heightened with white bodycolour. some scrathes to surface. signed W.E.H.C. l.r. and dated [19]'23. 35 x 48 cms.

1106 anon. Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling. c1870 watercolour. not signed. shows St Paul's School. 34 x 48 cms.

1340 Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975]  Nam Tsho Lake, Nyechen Tangla - Tibet 1956 watercolour heightened with bodycolour on K shoes brown paper.. signed lower left with date. 28.5 x 37 cms. in frame [37 x 47]

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975]          Near Kalimpong

Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling Somervell Everest no longer available Mount Everest and North Peak.	Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Nam Tsho Lake, Nyechen Tangla - Tibet 1956 Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling. Molyneux, Edward Mary Joseph [1866-1913] Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling 1889 HOME. Mount Everest from Sendukfoo. (Sandakphu) c1870
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Coller, B.M.  Himalayan view with village on ridge. watercolour. signed lower right. 16.5 x 25 cms.

A view in the Himalaya with Dak bungalow in foreground.  

watercolour on Whatman board.

signed lower left. 21 x 26 cms.

Himalayan view, snowy mountains in background, river below.  Watercolour.  signed lower left. 15 x 24 cms.

A view in the Himalaya with red roof building foreground. watercolour. signed lower left. 18 x 26.5 cms.

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Near Kalimpong Kangchenjunga large oil painting

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