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Poole, James (Mountain)  [1804 -1886]

Zermatt with the Matterhorn. 1869 watercolour and bodycolour heightened with white.

signed. with old label on verso 'from a sketch taken

by him when he visited the valley in 1867'.

64 x 90 cms. original frame and glazed

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Barnard, George. [1807-1890]

The Matterhorn, from the Gornergrat, Sunset. 1873 watercolour. signed and dated 'George Barnard 1873 (twice) lower left. hand written label with title by 'George Barnard'

8 Harrington Square N.W. on verso.

45 x 88 cms. in orig. gilt dec. frame.

dipinti cervin : Matterhorn Gornergrat mountain paintings for sale.

Roda, Leonardo [Italian 1868-1933]

Le Mont Cervin (lac Bleu) from Breuil. Valtournanche (Valle d'Aosta) - Lago Blue o Layet e Cervina. 1920 oil on board in large original gilt frame. signed 'L. Roda' lower right and dated.

47 x 62  cms. in original gilt frame.


Strasky, Maximilian. [Austrian 1895- ?]

The Matterhorn. c1930? after E.T. Compton)

oil on canvas. signed 65 x 80 cms.

original frame.


Adams, Charles James [1857-1931]

The Matterhorn and Visp. Switzerland. 1909

oil on canvas. relined canvas over signed 'Chrs. Adams' and insc. verso with title 'a promise to Arthur May June 1910. and in pencil The Matterhorn, signed Chrs. Adams 1909. 75 x 60 cms. framed

PITTURA DI MONTAGNA, cervin, matterhorn

Steinlen, Christian Gottlieb [1779-1847]

Zermatt and the Matterhorn. 1822

watercolour. signed and dated. 21.5 x 29.5 cms.

framed & glazed

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Hartung, Helmut [1928 - ?]

The Matterhorn.

c1960 oil on canvas in Spachteltechnik signed bottom left. 81 x 71.5 cms. original frame.


Compton E.T. (after)

The Matterhorn from Riffelberg. c1910? oil on canvas. not signed 80 x 60 cms.

Koid, Ralph Q. [1930-] German The Matterhorn mit Findelen. 20th cent. oil on canvas. signed lower left. insc. on verso. 78 x 69 cms. framed

in the Valais, Switzerland The Matterhorn, Valais The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland oil painting of the Matterhorn The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland dipinti cervin painting of The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

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Zermatt and the Matterhorn

Matterhorn from the Gornergrat

Le Mont Cervin (lac Bleu) from Breuil. Valtournanche (Valle d'Aosta) - Lago Blue o Layet e Cervina.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn and Visp

Zermatt and the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn from Riffelberg

Matterhorn mit Findelen

The Matterhorn, or Cervin, notorious for the first fatal descent by Edward Whymper’s party, was not a mountain to be tackled by the artist’s brush until it became the subject for book illustration c.1820 and most beautifully reproduced in coloured aquatint and lithography. Monte Rosa, a close neighbour, also attracted the artist ‘J.J.B.’ in an illustration in Forbes ‘A Physician’s Holiday’ 1849. Ruskin, for ‘Modern Painters’ 1856 produced some masterful drawings of The Cervin. ‘K.M.’ produced a grand watercolour for a chromolithograph of The Matterhorn in ‘Summer Months among the Alps’ by Hinchcliff, 1857. George Barnard followed, illustrating Mrs. Cole’s ‘A Lady’s Tour round Monte Rosa’ 1859.  Below is his original watercolour of Monte Rosa.  

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Williams (of Salisbury), Alfred Walter. [1832-1905] On the Matterhorn. (below the summit) 1883 watercolour over pencil. signed A. WILLIAMS bottom right and on verso with title and date. 50 x 35 cms. framed & glazed.

1004 Goodwin, Harry. [1840 -1925]

The Matterhorn from the Gornergrat. 1898 watercolour. signed with monogram and date lower left.  54 x 36  cms. original frame & glazed.

1059 Molz? W. Matterhorn from Riffelsee. 1935 oil on board. signed with date lower right. 49 x 40 cms nice original gilt frame.

dipinti cervin: matterhorn mountain paintings for sale

Gos, Francois Marc Eugene [1880-1975]

Le Cervin.  oil on canvas. signed u.l.

90 x 66 cms. original frame.

1048 Roth, Alois. [1869-1930] German. The Matterhorn from above the Riffel. 1912 oil on canvas. signed with date bottom left. 32 x 22 cms. orig. gilt oak frame.

1047 anon. The Matterhorn above 'Zermatt' with four figures. c1880 watercolour over traces of pencil heightened with bodycolour. not signed. on Whatman drawing board faced with Whatman hand-made paper. 18.5 x 27 cms. framed & glazed.

1041 Blampied, Clifford George [1878-1941] The Matterhorn - Evening. (from Riffelalp) c1920? watercolour. signed bottom left. 29.5 x 40.5 cms. framed & glazed.

e t compton matterhorn paintings

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C.W. Zermatt church and Matterhorn. c1860 watercolour. monogram l.r. 40 x 30 cms.  

 Williams (of Salisbury), Alfred Walter. [1832-1905] The Matterhorn. 1884 watercolour heightened with white body colour. not signed. label ' J. Palser, 9 King Street' (Covent Garden) Provenance Christie's 3rd April 1922 Lot 24 52.5 x 73.5 cms original gilt frame and mount & glazed. [73 x 92]

Perigal, Arthur. [1816-1885 ] Gorner Grat (The Matterhorn from). 1853 watercolour over pencil, heightened with white bodycolour. signed l.l. with title and date l.r. 12.5 x 17.8 cms.  

 Barnard, George. [1807-1890] The Matterhorn. (Riffelalp with Artist seating) 1874 watercolour heightened with gum arabic. signed bottom right  George Barnard 1874 'original study on the (finished) spot' in ink. 67 x 50 cms.  

 Compton, Edward Harrison. [after] The Matterhorn.  oil on paper on board. E.H COMPTON l.r. 102 x 115 cms.  

  Compton, Edward Harrison. [1881-1960] The Matterhorn - Winkelmatten. 1929 oil on canvas. signed and dated l.r. 91 x 116  cms. not framed


Lord Francis Leveson-Gower [1800-1857] The Matterhorn from Col Tournanche? 1818 watercolour over pencil. not signed. provenance from artist's sketchbook by descent. 14 x22 cms.  



Koid, Ralph Q. [1930-] German Matterhorn bei Findelen.  oil on canvas. signed l.r. 50 x 60 cms. original frame. [61 x 71]

Rose, Norman E. Mont Cervinio.  oil on board. signed l.l. 83 x 115 cms. white painted pine frame. [95 x 126]

Blampied, Clifford George [1875-1962] The Matterhorn Zermatt Valley. n.d. watercolour. signed l.l. with title in pencil verso. 35.5 x 25.5 cms.  

1137 anon. The Matterhorn. c1880 oil on canvas.  56 x 76 cms. frame [70 x 93]

anon Matterhorn. c1860 watercolour heightened with white bodycolour. not signed. 25 x 17 cms. framed & glazed.

Compton, Edward Harrison. [after]	The Matterhorn. Compton The Matterhorn - Winkelmatten. Matterhorn bei Findelen. The Matterhorn from Col Tournanche