Cooper, William Heaton. R.A. [1903-1995]

Aiguille Verte and Dru from Lac Blanc.  watercolour. signed W. HEATON COOPER. lower right. 37 x 55 cms. framed & glazed. [64 x 81]

388 'E.Q.' anon, English School. Wengen? and the Eiger from Kleine Scheidegg. 1860 watercolour. very early recorded view. 16 x 11 cms.  

Cain, Antony (Ginger)

Le Dru. 1979 watercolour. signed Cain '79 lower left. 35 x 50 cms. framed & glazed. [53 x 63]


1388 'E.Q.' anon, English School. 3 Matterhorn sketches in ink.       

1388 'E.Q.' anon, English School. The Matterhorn From our Chapel 22 July 1855. 1855 watercolour.     

1388 'E.Q.' anon, English School. Matterhorn from foot of Mte. Rose. 1855 watercolour. very early recorded view 'E.Q.' Zermatt with title and time/date 12.35 July 25. 1855 13.5 x 20 cms.  

 Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979]

Darjeeling Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling. c1950? oil on canvas on board. artist initials b.r. in red 30 x 41 cms. composition gilt frame. [36 x 46]

Healey, B.G.

'The Policeman', Cuillins, Skye 1986 watercolour. signed with date b.r. 37 x 54 cms. framed & glazed. [56 x 72.5]

1386 Rooke, Noel A.R.E. [1881-1953] exh. Alpine Club 1925.

Zinalrothhorn. c1920 watercolour. not signed. 38 x 54.5 cms.

 Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979]

Darjeeling Sunset on Kangchanjunga (from Darjeeling). c1950? oil on canvas. signed with initials b.l. in red 51 x 76 cms. gilt plain frame [53 x 78]

1355 Mitchell R.I., Philip [1814-1896] Langdale Pikes over Windermere. c1865 watercolour over pencil. signed bottom right. 32 x 49 cms. framed & glazed.

1353 Goodwin, Harry. [1840 -1925] The Matterhorn from the Gornergrat. c1898 watercolour heightened with white body colour. with label verso. 44.5 x 28.5 cms. framed & glazed. [70 x 53]

1343 Sheriff, G.V. Capel Cerig Lake. c1880 watercolour. signed b.r. original label on verso. from the collection of George Band. 49 x 75 cms. later frame. [ x ]

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