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Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Climbing in Skye.  oil label in artist's hand with title and price £20 verso. 50 x 42 cms. original frame.


Nicholson, Francis. [1753-1844] Summits of Cader Idris, N. Wales. 1800 watercolour on card. not signed, title in ink on verso. 31.5 x 43 cms.  

Oliver, G. (Gladys M. daughter of Alfred) Tryfan. c1940? oil on canvas. re-lined. signed lower left. 60 x 75 cms. large original gilt frame. [78 x 94]

Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] On the road to Sinai. (Camel with rider) 1876 watercolour heightened with gum arabic. signed in ink on verso, with title and No.4 (Exhibition) 49.5 x 34.5 cms. framed & glazed. [77 x 62]

Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] An Alpine Scene. Dauphine. Pic Jocelme? (Pic de Bonvoisin)?  Companion. 1862? watercolour heightened with white body colour. not signed. 18 x 12.5 cms. framed & glazed. [36 x 31]

Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] Near La Grave. Dauphine. (Roche Meane) 1862? watercolour heightened with white body colour. signed in ink with title and date on verso. 18 x 12.5 cms. framed & glazed. [36 x 31]

 Herries, Herbert Compton. [fl. 1865 - 1873] Looking up the Allée Blanche from the lower part of the Mont Saxe. (Val Veny) 1858 pencil and wash on paper. inscribed l.l. with title and date Augt.30. (He came to the attention of Ruskin) 23.5 x 33.5 cms. framed & glazed. [36 x 46]

MacWhirter, John. [1839-1911] Sunset on (Sgurr nan Gillean) Skye. c1870 watercolour. signed with initials l.r. 14 x 25 cms. framed & glazed. [34 x 43]

Richardson, Thomas Miles Jnr. [1813-1890] after Well and Wetterhorn from Rosenlaui. Engelhorner.  gouache. not signed. 20.5 x 46.5 cms. framed with double mount. [38 x 63]

Mont Blanc Aquarelle Allée Blanche Val Veny Mountain Painting Mountain Art Sgurr nan Gillean Skye Mountain Painting Mountain Art Dauphine Pic Jocelyne Mountain Painting Mountain Art Le Grave Dauphine Mountain Painting Mountain Art Cader Idris Mountain Painting Mountain Art Tryfan Mountain Painting HOME. Elijah Walton On the Road to Sinai

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T. Howard Somervell - SKYE Well and Wetterhorn from Rosenlaui.