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Mountain Paintings fine original Mountain Art for sale, early Alpine paintings, Mountains and the Alps.

 E. Schlössing. Courmayeur e Monte Bianco. 1839 oil on canvas. signed and dated b.l.. 66 x 83 cms. original ? gilt pine frame [78 x 95]

 Compton, Edward Theodore. [1849-1921] Täschhorn, Dom from below Mischabeljoch. above Saas Fee.  Alphubel (with another mountain verso) 1902 watercolour heightened with white bodycolour over traces of pencil. signed and dated. 33.5 x 24 cms.

 Compton, Edward Theodore. [1849-1921] in the mountains 1884 oil on canvas. signed b.l. (with title under). On new stretcher. 46 x 68 cms. gilt frame. [54 x 76]

Rathbone, John [1750-1807] R.A. 1785-1806 - Manner of Well horn and Wetterhorn. Rosenlaui. c1785 watercolour over traces of pencil. not signed. 48 x 64 cms. framed with washline mount. [67 x 84]

 Giorgio de Wolffe Valtournanche. 1927 watercolour. signed and date b.r. 64 x 88 cms. original pine gilt handmade frame. [88 x 102]

 Somervell, T. Howard. [1890-1975] Little Langdale. 1957 watercolour with white bodycolour, on usual 'K' brown paper. signed and dated b.l. with title on back board and signed T.H. Somervell, with his address Skelgarth, Ambleside. price 3 guineas 27.5 x 38 cms. original frame & glazed. [45 x 57]

 Somervell, T. Howard. [1890-1975] Mount Fuji. 1963 oil on canvas. signed with monogram 'THS' and date b.l. 44 x 61 cms. original handmade hardwood frame and stretcher by the artist? [54 x 70] SOLD

 Dobbin, John. [1815-1888] Trento.  watercolour. signed b.l. with title b.r.  45.5 x 68.5 cms.


 anon. English school. (Mentone verso) Mont Blanc from Mont Saxe. 1855 watercolour. title and date July 55 bottom left. 20 x 13 cms.

Lewis, John Hardwicke. [1840-1927] Mont Blanc from Finhaut. c1905 watercolour laid on board. The artist's illustrations in books 'The Lake of Geneva', 'Montreux' and 'Lausanne' published by A. & C. Black 1908. monogram with title b.r. 21 x 14.5 cms. original gold mount. [37 x 28]

Varley, John. OWS [1778-1842] 'Snowdon from Capel Curig. N. Wales'. Dyffryn Mymbyr  1811 watercolour on card paper. signed in ink with title and date verso. 26 x 36 cms. SPINK mount in frame.

 Salter, John William. [1825-1891] Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau - Thunersee.  1886 watercolour. signed J. Salter and dated bottom left. and verso with title in pencil. 49 x 75 cms. framed & glazed.

Green, William. of Ambleside [1760-1823] Langdale Pikes from Loughrigg Tarn. c1795 watercolour. signed with title ink ink verso. 35 x 50 cms.

Cooper, William Heaton. R.A. [1903-1995] Pillar from Kirkfell.  watercolour. signed lower left. 29.5 x 44.5 cms. framed & glazed. [55 x 65]

English school St. Pierre in the Vale of Aosta.  oil on canvas laid on wood panel.  labels on verso St. Pierre, in the Vale of Aosta. 34 x 24 cms. modern gilt frame. [44 x 33]

 Ang Temba Sherpa. Khumjung, Namche, Khumbu ?? in Summer c1980? watercolour. signed b.r. from the collection of George Band. 55 x 63 cms. framed and glazed. [89 x 92]

Student of Kappa Kalden in the Thanka style.

Valtournanche dipinti aquarelle watercolour John Varley watercolour Snowdon Langdale Pikes by William Green of Ambleside. William Heaton Cooper. Pillar from Kirkfell St. Pierre in the Vale of Aosta Ang Temba Sherpa Kappa Kalden

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