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Mountain Paintings - original Mountain Art for sale and purchased. Paintings of the Alps - early Mountain Paintings bought and sold. Tableaux des Mont Blanc - Dipinti di Montagne

Mountain Paintings, Dipinti et Tableaux which include an excellent selection of fine old and original vues of The Alps and other mountain ranges. Mountain Paintings fine original Mountain Art for sale, early Alpine paintings, Mountains and the Alps. Dipinti Di Montagna. Tableaux de Montagne. Berg Gemälde. Paintings of the Alps. Himalaya Paintings, British Mountains Art, Dipinti di Dolomiti, Berg Gemälde der Alpes Berner Oberland, Aquarelles des Mont Blanc Chamonix, Dipinti Matterhorn, Zermatt, Tableaux Chamonix, Cervin - Fine, old, rare, collectable.

Hess, Hieronymus [1799-1850] (Swiss) Position dangereuse pres du Finsteraarhorn de Jean Fellman et Gabriel Schilt, fameux chasseurs de bouquetins et chamois, le 14 Octobre 1822. 1822? watercolour. 'the original aquarelle' see illustration p.21 Rebuffat 'Mont-Blanc Jardin feerique'.  24.5 x 18 cms. framed & glazed. [55 x 46]

Grundmann, Samuel. fl. 1800 (attrib.) Mont Blanc and Aiguilles Rouges - la Barme Rousse passage of the Tete Noire. c1820 watercolour. title visible on verso (up to light) 23 x 31.5 cms. framed & glazed. [44 x 50]

Powell, Eric Walter [1886-1933] one of the four Eton masters killed on the Roseg.

Llyn Idwal and Twll Du (The Devil's Kitchen) 1926 pastel. signed lower left with date 52 x 69 cms. framed & glazed. [80 x 95]

Barnard, George. [1807-1890] Cluses Pont Vieux Bridge (see Bartlett engraving). 1885 oil on canvas. signed bottom right  Geo. Barnard 1885 25.5 x 35.5 cms.  

Glennie, George F. [1841 - ?] fl. 1861 - 1882   Corrie Arder, Loch Laggan. Skye.   c1870 watercolour. signed Glennie lower right. label provenance with Tyrwhitt, Rev. Richard St. John. R.A. [1827-1895] ex. 1864-1887  31 x 45  cms. original frame & glazed. [ X ]

Schmid, David Alois. [1791-1861]  Canton of Schwyz. A woman in traditional costume. c1830 watercolour. not signed. hand drawn ink title. 17 x 12 cms.  [23 x 17]

'E.Q.' anon, English School. Wengen? and the Eiger from Kleine Scheidegg. 1860 watercolour. early recorded view. 16 x 11 cms.  

Campbell, Elizabeth. Mer de Glace 23rd. Augt. 1827 watercolour. ink insc. with title and date. 19.5 x 27 cms.  

Unterberger, Franz. [Innsbruck] Costumes Tyroliens. Wildschutz, Zillerthalerin, Milchmadohen, Botzner, Baurin bei Insbruck, Meraner, Otzthaler, Bei Rattenburg, Abraserin, Kutzbichler, Melkerin, Mädchen bei Hall. 1830 watercolour. heightened with gilt. on J. Whatman Turkey Mills 1828 watermark paper. 10 x 8 cms.  [18 x 15]

Cusami, L. (Italian) Matterhorn and Findelen.  oil on canvas.  60 x 90 cms.  

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Nilgiri Hills (The Blue Mountains) 1943 watercolour heightened in white on brown 'K' paper.. signed with monogram and date l.r. 29 x 37 cms.  

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Tatra mountains. Rumanowy. 1935-6? watercolour over pencil, heightened with white, on blue laid paper. unsigned. The personal property of the artist. 21 x 28.5 cms. original frame & glazed.

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Great Gable.  oil with palette knife on board. unsigned. 46 x 38 cms. in original painted wood frame.

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Drei Zinnen. Tre Cime di Lavaredo. 1967 oil on canvas. signed with and dated 67 lower left. 34 x 54 cms.  

Somervell, T(heodore) Howard. [1890-1975] Trango Towers? 1972 oil with palette knife on hessian. signed with monogram, dated 72 lower left. from his own collection. 30 x 39.5 cms. original wood frame. [32 x 42]

Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979] Darjeeling Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling.  oil on canvas board.  37 x 52 cms. original frame.

Hulbert, J(immy). A. [1900-1979] Darjeeling Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling.  oil on canvas board.  37 x 52 cms. original frame.

Compton, Edward Theodore. [1849-1921] Near San Vigilio, Lago di Garda. Mount Pizzocola at Salo behind. 1904 watercolour heightened with white bodycolour. signed with monogram and date. 22 x 28.5 cms. framed & glazed. [42.5 x 48]

anon. Courmayeur e Monte Bianco. c1840 watercolour.  35 x 53 cms. framed & glazed. [52 x 69]


Hardie, Charles Martin [1858-1916] ?? Florence

? c1900 watercolour. monogram CMH 28 x 44 cms.

T.H. Somervell Trango Towers ?? T.H. Somervell.  Drei Zinnen. Tre Cime di Lavaredo Compton, Edward Theodore. Near San Vigilio, Lago di Garda. Courmayeur e Monte Bianco T.H. Somervell. Nilgiri Hills MOUNTAIN PAINTINGS. Mountain Engravings. ARTISTS. MONTAGNA ITALIANE. MONT BLANC. MATTERHORN CERVIN. DOLOMITES. SWISS   ALPS. BRITISH MOUNTAINS. HIMALAYAS. BERNESE OBERLAND. Fine Mountain Paintings.