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Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] Dolomites - in Spring. Civetta from Forcella Staulanza 1875 oil on canvas. signed Elijah Walton April 1875 lower right. verso of canvas with Winsor & Newton, 38 Rathbone Place, London printed on canvas and oval stamp on stretcher.  138 x 183 cms. huge original gilt gesso frame (in two parts) for this important work. [190 x 240 cms]  

 Cozens, John Robert. [1752-1797] attrib. Martigny (Mount Blanc). c1776 oil on wooden panel. Cozens accompanied Richard Payne Knight, as artist, in 1776 on a tour of Switzerland, which included Martigny after Chamonix. 21 x 32.5 cms. in original gilt decorative frame. [38 x 49]

Compton, Edward Harrison. [1881-1960] The Matterhorn - Winkelmatten. 1929 oil on canvas. signed and dated l.r. 91 x 116  cms. not framed  

 Maggi, Cesare [1881-1961] Le Dolomiti. (Le Tre Cime Di Lavaredo). c1955 oil on canvas. incised Cesare Maggi with title bottom left. 61 x 91.5 cms. original wooden frame. [80 x 110]

 Compton, Edward Theodore. [1849-1921] Loch nan Leachd below Meall na Cuilce, Loch Coruisk behind, Cuillin, Skye.  oil on board. signed E.T. Compton lower left. 50 x 42 cms.   

 Harding, James Duffield. [1798-1863] Ponte Vecchio. Entrance to Ivrea. Val D'Aosta. c1830 oil on canvas. re-lined. signed with date l.r. (see engraving opp. p.261 'The Tourist in Italy' Landscape Annual 1833. 118 x 96 cms. huge original gilt gesso frame. [148 x 125]

 Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] Matterhorn at Sunrise. c1865 oil on canvas. not signed. label on verso 51 x 33.5 cms. original heavy gilt decco frame. [ x ]

835 Compton, Edward Theodore. [1849-1921] Gschnitz(thal) with SchoneGrube and Kasterbg. South of Innsbruck. c1900 oil on canvas. signed E T Compton lower left. 97 x 140 cms. original ornate gilt frame [105 x 158]

 1201 Lelli, Giovanni Battista. [1828-1877] Paese di Pecetto frazione di Macugnaga al Monte Rosa = Val Anzasca, Piemonte. c1860 oil on canvas. signed l.l. with original exhibition label on verso No. 3 ink title and artist detail Prof. Gio Batt Lelli = Milano Via S. Primo 6. original stretcher. 25 x 44.5 cms. heavy and original decorative gilt wooden frame [45 x 65 x 7.5]

Loppé, Gabriel. [1825-1913] Grand Combin from the Gran Paradiso. 1877 oil on artist's card. signed and dated 28.7.77 l.r. 23.5 x 31 cms. original gilt gesso frame. [37 x 44.5]

 Walton, Elijah. [1832-1880] The Matterhorn. c1865 oil on board. not signed. 26 x 18.5 cms. original gilt frame. [ x ]

 Gos, François Marc Eugene [1880-1975] Le Cervin.  oil on canvas. signed u.l. 90 x 66 cms. original frame. [108 x 82]

Bates, David [1841-1921] The Grand St Bernard and Hospice with Monks sitting before the lake and two dogs. 1885 oil on canvas, re-lined. signed and dated. 59 x 90 cms. original gilt frame and glazed. [ x ]

 Compton, Edward Harrison. [1881-1960] Hochkalter and Hintersee. c.1913 oil on canvas. signed E.H. Compton, Munchen lower left. 90 x 130 cms. framed. [100 x 140] £5,025

Müller, Rudolph [1802-1885] Swiss Lauterbrunnen village and Falls. c1850 oil on canvas. signed 53 x 75.5 cms. gilt composition frame with egg and dart moulding [67 x 89]

 Roda, Leonardo [Italian 1868-1933] Le Mont Cervin (lac Bleu) from Breuil. Valtournanche (Valle d'Aosta) - Lago Blue o Layet e Cervina. 1920 oil on board in large original gilt frame. signed 'L. Roda' lower right and dated. 47 x 62  cms. in original gilt frame. [ x ]

1203 Elwell, Frederick William [1870 - 1958] From the Balcony of the Park Hotel Cortina d`Ampezzo. 1929 oil on board. signed l.r. with date and titled verso with part original label. 30 x 41 cms. gilt frame [43 x 54]

 Kimber, H.D. The Mättenberg. Wetterhorn behind. c1848 oil on canvas. signed with date b.l. with label of Rollo Villiers, 13 Lowndes Square, London 72 x 96 cms. original foliate gilt frame. [85 x 110]

 Arnegger, Alois [1879-1967] Austrian. Alpenglow on the Wetterstein? 20th cent. oil on canvas. label on verso. 60 x 92 cms. `silver gilt` patina frame [77 x 109]

 Butler, Joseph Nikolaus. [1822-1885] Lauterbrunnen village and Falls.  oil on canvas. signed b.l. 49 x 69 cms. framed. [ x ]

 Compton, Edward Harrison. [after] The Matterhorn.  oil on paper on board. E.H COMPTON l.r. 102 x 115 cms.  

 Adams, Charles James? [1857-1931] The Matterhorn and Visp. Switzerland. 1909 oil on canvas. relined canvas over signed 'Chrs. Adams' and insc. verso with title 'a promise to Arthur May June 1910. and in pencil The Matterhorn, signed Chrs. Adams 1909. 75 x 60 cms. framed [ x ]

8Collier, Sir Robert Porrett  R.A. [1817-1886] A.C. 1861 Sunset on Mont Blanc, Chamonix. c1870 oil on board. label verso inscribed with artist and title, bought 1874. 43 x 56.5 cms. framed [ x ]

 Booth, Samuel Lawson [1836-1926] The Langdale Pikes over Elterwater. 1899 oil on canvas. re-lined and restored. signed lower right. 60 x 95 cms. original gilt gesso frame. [90 x 120]

Cust, Arthur [1840-1911] La Meije in Dauphine from la Chatelaire in the Vallon des Étançons 1882 oil on board. signed and dated l.r. 'from an original drawing presented to Fr. Gardiner Esq. on his Marriage by the Artist. the gilt slip inscribed A Cust Meije July 25 & 26 1879' inscribed in ink on verso (artist hand). Cust made the first guideless ascent of the Matterhorn, and west ridge of Mont Collon with Gardiner on 3rd August 1876. 35 x 46 cms. not framed  

 Somervell, T. Howard. [1890-1975] St. Sunday's Crag, Fairfield. (from Dollywagon Pike?) 1963 oil on canvas. signed with monogram and date l.l. title in ink on verso.  30 x 35 cms. original frame. [34.5 x 39.5]

Richter, H., signed H. Richter l.r. Achensee mit Sonnjoch. 20th. cent. oil. signed. 60 x 49 cms. framed. [ x ]

 Swiss School Lauterbrunnen. c1840 oil on wooden panel. unsigned. 45 x 60 cms. original gilt wood and gesso frame. [65 x 79]


The colours of these mountain oil paintings  will  vary owing to digital images showing  differently between monitor and actual daylight colour. For a larger image The Art of Mountains and Mountaineering - contact