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Mountain Paintings - original Mountain Art for sale and purchased. Paintings of the Alps - early Mountain Paintings bought and sold. Tableaux des Mont Blanc - Dipinti di Montagne

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 Artists have been painting mountains for centuries - Leonard de Vinci made sketches of high mountains c.1500. Long before that mountains were represented in the background of biblical scenes. Itinera per Helvetiae Alpinas regiones of 1723 by Johann Jacob Scheuzer is the grandest early book in which illustrations of mountains appeared.

  Early printed engravings of Chamonix and Mont Blanc by William Windham in 1742 started to attract attention and drew other visitors to the valley. Artists, including William Pars, visited Chamonix in 1770; Linck, Hackert, Terry et al. were attracted by Mont Blanc, whilst the remote Matterhorn, or Cervin, did not become the subject of the artist's brush until early 1800.

  Mountaineers, professional men, came to the Alps purely to climb mountains. Some would invite an artist to accompany them to paint the peaks climbed. As a permanent record of their achievements these paintings would also delight and impress friends and acquaintances. A permanent record of those remote places which are now changing has fortunately been captured in these early Mountain Paintings.

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Mountains and Mountaineering in Art & Literature.

Tony Astill is the proprietor of Les Alpes Livres being a specialist dealer of mountaineering books and mountain paintings with over 40 years experience.

The selection of old mountaineering books for sale here is probably the most extensive to be found anywhere, especially the early Alpine classics written by British mountaineers who formed and became the Alpine Club. Men such as Edward Whymper, Alfred Wills, T.W. Hinchliff.

Rare Mountaineering Books For Sale Baxter Mont BlancOf all the Mont Blanc narratives A Narrative of an Ascent to The Summit of Mont Blanc 21st. September 1853 by John MacGregor was not published at the time and so I have recently privately published a limited edition of 200 copies which are complimented by fine art prints of the rare Baxter oil prints of the ascent.  

Mount Everest Books and ephemera Mount Everest are also a speciality. One more book which was not written in it's own time was that of the Mount Everest Reconnaissance 1935 led by Eric Shipton. This was corrected when I completed writing and privately published Mount Everest The Reconnaissance 1935 : The Forgotten Adventure which won the coveted James Monroe Thorington Award for Best Book Mountaineering History at the Banff Mountain Festival 2006.

Here also is the largest selection of mountain paintings and mountain art for sale. Paintings of all mountain ranges, from the Alps to the Himalaya, are represented. Mont Blanc, Chamonix, the Matterhorn, Zermatt, the Bernese Oberland, Dolomites and the mountains of North Wales, the Lake District and Scotland too, by artists E.T. Compton, Elijah Walton, J.-A. Linck, George Barnard, J. Bleuler, Gabriel Loppe, F. Sommer and many other mountain paintings.

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mountain paintings Somervell - Lhotse, Everest and Makalu from Singalila, Sandakphu. mountain painting Chamonix Mont Blanc from the Col de Voza. July 18 1866 mountain painting Courmayeur e Monte Bianco	c1840 mountain paintings E.T. Compton Trettach - Obertsdorf. Bavaria. Entschenkopf?