Elijah Walton Mountain Paintings

Alpine Mountain Paintings Elijah Walton [1832-1880] Artist of Mountain Paintings chromolithographs of his work illustrate some of the finest Alpine mountaineering books published. Alpine Art for sale & purchased

Elijah Walton Jungfrau as seen from the Wengern Alp. mountain paintings Elijah Walton mountain paintings mont blanc Elijah Walton mountain paintings Silberhorn Elijah Walton, Piz Campuchin, Pontresina. Engadine Elijah Walton mountain paintings Grasmere Lake. Elijah Walton mountain paintings The Ravens Crag, Thirlemere Lake. Elijah Walton. The Eiger. Bernese Oberland. Elijah Walton mountain paintings Piz Ot on the Bernina Pass. MOUNTAIN PAINTINGS. Mountain Engravings. ARTISTS. MONTAGNA ITALIANE. MONT BLANC. MATTERHORN CERVIN. DOLOMITES. SWISS   ALPS. BRITISH MOUNTAINS. HIMALAYAS. BERNESE OBERLAND. Fine Mountain Paintings. Elijah Walton Night in Wady Teiran - Arabia. Monte Marmolata Elijah Walton Elijah Walton. Mer de Glace, Mont Blanc. Elijah Walton The Breithorn as seen from Murren Elijah Walton Monte Tofana near Cortina d'Ampezzo, Tyrol. Elijah Walton Matterhorn. Elijah Walton The Matterhorn. Elijah Walton. Near Thun. (with Schreckhorn) Elijah Walton Wetterhorn 1865 Elijah Walton The Lower Grindelwald Glacier (Schreckhorn) Elijah Walton The Viescherhorn - Grindelwald. (North Face) Elijah Walton Monte Emilius and Becca di Nonna, above Aosta. Elijah Walton Norway Jundervals? Undredal? Elijah Walton Sasso di Pelmo, Tyrol. Santa Lucia

Elijah Walton was generally recognised as having introduced a new quality into Alpine Art, and there are a good many references to him in this sense in Alpine literature. Aline Club Register 1857-63.

His work was a familiar feature at Alpine Club in the late 19th century and whose skill encompassed fine geological accuracy and a supreme Romantic vision.

He was the first member of the Alpine Club to qualify purely on artistic grounds.

Elaine Astill. Elijah Walton : His Life and Work. Alpine Journal 2003

Elijah Walton mountain paintings The Matterhorn chromolithograph.

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